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12 years ago I decided to start this road in Barcelona and it has been one of the best decisions that I have made and one of the most fullfilling experiences. I have had the opportunity to work on several industries that have grown my perspective and work possibilities.

I can define my self as a committed and tenacious person who enjoy challenges and pay's attention to small and big details, but mostly I believe on a work team to accomplish great things.

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OFFF Barcelona 2016 Open Titles by Atelier

OFFF Barcelona 2016 Open Titles by Atelier from OFFF Festival on Vimeo.

"There's something wrong with you and everyone else" is a series based on unfortunate events presenting the irony of our daily life: happy moments fading into a dramatic scene, characters with different methodical personalities representing human beings's overwhelming actions.

A film created by Atelier 2015/16 students for OFFF Barcelona 2016 Open Titles.

  • A Film by Atelier / The Troop
  • Director: Aimée Duchamp
  • Writers: The Troop
  • Producer Atelier / OFFF / Héctor Ayuso
  • Lead Cast Estela Fernández — Brigid
  • Núria Crosas — Valquiria
  • Tanya Milcheva Mileva — Artemisa
  • Cristina Meléndez — Medusa
  • Nicolas Henrot — Ulises
  • Felix Freese — Narciso
  • Francisco Uribe — Memento Mori
  • Tomás Rodriguez — Troya
  • Alexis Hanak — Edipo
  • Jonas Thaddäus Robert Herbst — Infierno
  • Francisca Feio Marta — Girl 1
  • Armelle Thery — Girl 2
  • Director of Photography Sergi Lafuente
  • Music composer & Sound design: Simon Smith & Basil Hogios· bcnsound
  • Production Manager Luisa Tenorio
  • First Assistant Director Pablo García & Gemma Estadella
  • Second Assistant Director Fabrizio Morra & Desislava Estaneva
  • First Camera Assistant and Focus Puller: Yashveer Singh
  • Second Camera Assistant: José Díaz
  • Gaffer: Daniel de Juan
  • Art director: Enric Isern
  • Assistant art director: Ana Martínez & Marie Codina
  • Theater designer: Pablo García
  • Scenario design:
  • Brigid & Artemisa - Marie Codina
  • Valquiria - Ana Martínez
  • Medusa & Troya - Desislava Estaneva
  • Ulises & Infierno - Fabrizio Morra
  • Narciso - Gemma Estadella
  • Memento Mori - Sasa Gazivoda
  • Edipo - Sara Cifuentes
  • Casting Director Cristina Meléndez
  • Make-up and hair: Natalie Melville, Sara Cifuentes & Sasa Gazivoda
  • Costume Design: Sara Cifuentes & Sasa Gazivoda
  • Color grading & telecine: Moonlight · Ignasi Gonzalez Insa
  • Post-production: Pablo García, Yashveer Singh & Fabrizio Morra
  • Title Designer & Graphic Design: The Troop

The Troop class of 2016 from Atelier/Visual Arts, Design & Life. Aka

  • Ana Martínez
  • Cristina Meléndez
  • Fabrizio Morra
  • Desislava Staneva
  • Gemma Estadella
  • José Díaz
  • Luisa Tenorio
  • Marie Codina
  • Sara Cifuentes
  • Sasa Gazivoda
  • Yashveer Singh
  • Making of: José Díaz
  • Camera: Service Vision
  • Lighting: Kinolux

Special thanks:

Offf Festival, Barcelona Film Commission, Institut Municipal Parcs i Jardins de Barcelona, Service Vision, Kinolux, Avancar, Moonlight Barcelona, Héctor Ayuso, bcnsound, Enric Isern, Natalie Melville, Enrique Arias, Siddharth Singh, Marc Colomines, Dani de Juan, Enric Millet, Hector Giró, Julieta Alcaide, Francisco López, Mauricio Sabater, Alejandro Matute, Alejandro H Madrid, Ignasi Gonzalez Insa

No animals or plants were harmed in the making of this video

Special thanks to the wonderful offf audience

Archetype Book

Archetype is the voice of a great collaboration created through words, concepts, ideas, thoughts, images and emotions. Making it was definitely a challenge, an inspiring one, but a challenge nevertheless. Archetype is a mix between the classical dictionary with alphabetical order and an inspirational design book. Archetype is about all of us telling the real story of our profession. More than one hundred professionals collaborated with their personal visions in different design areas, making this book a complete archetype. Moreover, we included commissioned artworks based on our interpretation of Carls Jung’s Archetypes. And gave one of them to each artist, so they could create never-before-seen content inspired on them :
As the Animus and Anima one's.

Published by OFFF
Barcelona - Spain

  • Publisher: Héctor Ayuso
  • Executive Producer: Pep Salazar
  • Editor in Chief: Aimée Duchamp & Natalie Melville
  • Managing Editor: Nathalie Koutia
  • Creative Director: Natalie Melville & Aimée Duchamp
  • Concept and Idea: Natalie Melville, Aimée Duchamp, Luisa Tenorio & Ana Martínez
  • Art Direction: Natalie Melville
  • Art Direction Assitant: Cristina Meléndez, Gemma Estadella & Marie Codina
  • Graphic Design: The Troop (Atelier's Class of 2015-2016) Ana Martínez, Cristina Meléndez, Fabrizio Morra, Desislava Staneva, Gemma Estadella, José Díaz, Luisa Tenorio, Marie Codina, Sara Cifuentes, SaŠa Gazivoda, Yogi Singh
  • Cover Design: Sawdust
  • Translations: Natalie Melville, Cristina Meléndez & Bianca Zarco
  • Creative Production Consultant: I am Nuria
  • Printed by: Impressusith different methodical personalities representing human beings's overwhelming actions.

Watch This!
Teaser Offf 2016

OFFF Barcelona 2016 TEASER! from OFFF Festival on Vimeo.

This teaser was us, trying to materialize all the nervousness, excitement and stress that goes behind an OFFF speaker (maybe I don’t even deserve to share the space with all these giants, there is "mucho champeon" you know? And the most exciting part… imagining all that collective craziness accumulated in an altern cyber reality.
How to recreate this alter cyber reality? the most simple thing is to copy an operative system. But that's to easy and at this point we were on the road to re do the job into a new kick ass teaser.
So we recollect all the kind of interactions that we usually face on the online media and we used them to introduce the speakers.
An operative system that has a track flight to check where every speaker is, our own offftunes to listen our trendy sound designers, our offfstagram that interacts with other studios, and obviously we all have stalked someone on the internet (and if not raise your hand because we would like to know how to cure us from that) that’s why we even create an speaker stalker app and why not we had a offftinder app to introduce some of the artists as well.

As every year we present the Teaser for the next festival OFFF Barcelona. Under the leadership of Aimée Duchamp, students of the atelier "The Troop" propose a spot full of gags media to present to each of the participants.
The "big brother" of Offf, is represented by the "host computer" where each movement of artists and designers is under the watchful eye, platitudes, hidden cameras, tinder, instagram, errors ...
Everything fits into this crazed container too much information ... or gossiping.
Through a simple 2d animation, the idea was to represent the interface of a vintage operating system, mixing applications and saturate all information known to the viewer.
The result is this, a work full of details and aims to draw attention to the spectacular line-up of the festival OFFF.

Watch This!
Offf 2016 Audience Trolling

We created a Offf Barcelona 2016 mediatic campaign that was fun, dynamic and unconventional, but also diverse and wide. We worked with 4 categories that generated interactions not only with the artists and their works, but also with the audience.
We had all this wonderful pictures of the assistants of the past years, so we decided to go with it. We created a Tag system to talk about the experience of attending OFFF festival using moods, thoughts and different perceptions surrounding the festival. If you are an OFFF constant assistant, there is a big chance you’ll see yourself in some of these pictures.

Making Of
Petit Atelier

Petit Atelier - School of Film and Visual Arts
We present the "Behind-the-camera" of the first year course held at Petit Atelier. Children's film made by children!

Petit Atelier is a kids and youth space specialized in sensitizing and approach the younger ones in to the cinema, animation and visual arts universes.
Trough our courses they’ll learn everything about the moving image, how to tell their own stories with a script, to direct and film different types of movies, develop easy and complex special effects, to edit their own creations to achieve their first shortfilm production.

Petit Atelier

Petit Atelier first school of cinema and visual arts located in Barcelona for children and youth specialized in raising awareness and bringing children closer to the world of cinema, animation and the visual arts. Learning by playing.

An space open to imagination where stories can be told, drawn, photographed, transformed into experiences that your children will never forget.